News: Where do you like to eat?

Where do you like to eat?

This is like a survey to determine the restaurant which people dine in and if they are knowledgeable of restaurants that sell authentic food. Can you help me out by listing the restaurants that you prefer to eat. I would also like if you explain why you like it. 

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I Like Zencu its in Little Tokyo they might be a bit expensive but for the sushi they serve it is really delicious. It is very authentic Japanese restaurant and quite fancy. I love their Alaska Rolls. I recommend that you fix your spelling errors and make the site a bit more serious and authentic. Are you going to ask question because people are lazy when it comes to writing.

Hmm I really rather eat at home, fast foods aren't my favorites.

There are restaurants that sells food that is not fast and are delicious. Ill help you discover them in my page.

I love to eat at Cacao, a Mexican delicatessen in Eagle Rock near Pasadena. It is probably the best Mexican food I have ever had.

Their duck taco is superb, as are there dishes with nopales.

Some people are against paying $2-$3 for a small taco, but these are more than worth it!

well the last one i remember eating was a mexican restaurant called Rodeo, here in LA. They have a variety of plates and well i like it! i had a quesadilllla but with carne asada :D

I Haven't been to any restaurants but i will like to learn more.

Learn about the restaurant I have visited by looking in my corkboard.

I don't eat much "authentic" food, not to mention fast food. The only establishment I would say I really enjoy is "Lalo's" on Main St. It's pretty small and I haven't been there in years, but I used to love it because they make possibly the best birria I've ever tasted. The place is pretty small, but the food totally makes up for it.

I will visit restaurants that you post and review them myself.

Casa De Noodles! I'm not sure if it''s authentic or not, but I love it. It's a bit pricey, so I've only been there a couple of times. The only reason I go there is for their sushi. It's the best I've ever tried, especially the rainbow roll. I don't really go out to restaurants much, this is the only one I could think of for now. If I think of any others I will post them up!

Gah Erased my previous comment... it was really good. D: Anways, home, apple, anything that gets me through the day, I'm not picky.

i really like to eat house food...

i like to eat at, Full House (chinese restaurant) its great, they have different types of combinations and things to choose from. and MoodaepoII Korean Bar BQ.

I rather eat my mommy food.... I dnt like outside food in less i very very hungry but other whiles i like eating inside food.

I like to eat in restaurants that have something different from all other restaurants because there a many restaurants have if not the same but similar things in the menu.

If anything, I like good food. And good food is usually homemade, and I guess I like restaurants that are not fast food. like sit down restaurant.

There's many restaurants in the world that I like to explore, but one of my favorites would be Hometown Buffet which provides a variety of food.Which is awesome of course it may not be healthy,but still enjoyable.

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