News: Now Thats eating Fresh!

Now Thats eating Fresh!

The two fast food restaurants, Farmer Dinner and Burgerville both run their restaurant in a way that supports their local farmers. This provides freshness to their customers. "Our mission is to increase the economic vitality of local agrarian economies," (Murphy). That's a bright idea in which local restaurant should take in consideration. We the people should consider the support of local farmers. This will stop the extortion that happens in other countries and stop fast food chain restaurant from serving us poisonous meals that can run the risk of cancer and birth defects.    

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But these aren't local, are they? What are some local restaurants that serve local food?

No it goes with a link that discuss the star of the restaurants. Yes that is what I am planning to look into restaurant that serve local food.However I also want to look inot religion and food since my sister thought me a few things about the subject and pass down some articles to me.

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