News: Marouch

Looking for frog legs or authentic Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisines? Then Marouch is the ideal place for you to go. Marouch is in the center of a strip mall next to a 7/11 and a fast food Philippine restaurant. Marouch is a restaurant, which one might not consider fancy, but in fact it is. The restaurant interior stands out and it is the complete opposite from the exterior. Marouch is an ideal place to dive into exotic food that one might not try under different circumstances. It will lea...

Nyala: A Taste of Ethiopia

Little Ethiopia is the place to get ahold of authentic African cuisine. African food mainly consists of spices and fresh ingredients. Ethiopia is a country in Africa that demonstrates the use of spice in its cuisine. The Ethiopian cuisine follows the Islamic rules, the religion Ethiopians are accustomed to, and its old custom, which is the caressing of the earth. The Ethiopian Islamics prohibit the eating of pork so their meat choices are limited. The Ethiopians are specialist whenit comes to...

News: Now Thats eating Fresh!

The two fast food restaurants, Farmer Dinner and Burgerville both run their restaurant in a way that supports their local farmers. This provides freshness to their customers. “Our mission is to increase the economic vitality of local agrarian economies,” (Murphy). That’s a bright idea in which local restaurant should take in consideration. We the people should consider the support of local farmers. This will stop the extortion that happens in other countries and stop fast food chain restauran...

News: Cultural Discoveries

For those who only eat at fast food restaurants, you should consider traveling to a different part of Los Angeles. There are more options available besides McDonald’s, Burger King, and Carl’s JR. Los Angles is a huge city where you can find a restaurant in every corner. One can clearly observe the love and passion in which the managers expect their food to deliver.

News: Top 5 Must Try Traditional Food of UAE

United Arab Emirates is the cosmopolitan country that offers various attractions for tourists across the world. This country has buildup its image as one the fastest growing country of this region. Besides visiting worth seeing places, travelers can also enjoy tasty traditional food of UAE across the country. Whether you have chosen Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman or Ras Al Khaimah, you will get the chance to enjoy best traditional food everywhere.

Manas: A Taste of India

The smell of hot curry pouring from room is inevitable. The mixture of spices filled up my nostril as I sat. The lighting of the room might not be pleasant but it is the way in which the restaurant owner set up his restaurant to stop excessive lighting, which is done with a huge decorative curtain. My attention was set on the glamorous uplifting Indian pop music, playing from the large high-definition televisions.

News: Rosalind’S Ethiopian Restaurant

I was mesmerized by the decoration in Rosalind’s. It has pictures of the Ethiopian people from tribes, the walls are painted bright yellow and covered with black nyala’s an endanger species found in Ethiopia, amazing hut roofs on top of the tables, Hi-Definition television playing a basketball game and neon lights that attracts the eyes. I felt like I was in a different country.

News: Where do you like to eat?

This is like a survey to determine the restaurant which people dine in and if they are knowledgeable of restaurants that sell authentic food. Can you help me out by listing the restaurants that you prefer to eat. I would also like if you explain why you like it.

Los Angeles: Big city Small towns.

Los Angeles is a huge city with a lot of different ethnic neighborhoods. With its different ethinic theres different culture being brought to Los Angeles. This is the main reason why The food choices in Los Angeles is so diverse. This article will show you the differen neighborhood that exist in Los Angeles in a brief way.

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