News: Describing Cuisines

Describing Cuisines

This words will help you identify terms that are brought up in reviews. You can also use them when writing your own review to be a bit more descriptive.

  1.   Orthodox:  accepted, traditional

2.      Admirable:  worthy of admiration;  inspiring, approval, reverence, or affection. excellent; first-rate.

3.      Tantalized: Provoke

4.      Exquisite: beautiful, excellent, finely detailed  

5.      Meritorious: deserving praise, reward, esteem, etc.; praiseworthy: to receive a gift for meritorious service.

6.      Divine: God like

7.      Appetizing: Tasting Very good

8.      Outstanding: Superior Excellent

9.      Peachy: wonderful; resembling a peach,  as in color or appearance Informal . excellent; wonderful; fine.

10.   Wondrous: Remarkable.

11.  Appealing: Attract

12.  Pulchritudinous: Physically beautiful, comely

13.  Radiant: Bright, luminous

14.  Effulgent: Shining forth brilliantly, radiance

15.  Ravish/Ravishing: Enchant/ Attractive

16.  Enthrall/Enthralling: Captivate/ Absorbing  

17.  Glamorous: sophisticated in style

18.  Entice: To lead on by exciting hope or desire; allure; inveigle; persuade

19.   Fascinate: to arouse the interest or curiosity of; allure.

20.  Consummate: To bring forth to perfection; fulfill 

21.  Impeccable: Flawless, faultless, irreproachable

22.  Polish: To render finished, refined, or elegant; to make smooth especially by rubbing

23.  Exemplary: serving as an illustration or specimen; illustrative; typical  worthy of imitation; commendable   

24.  Golden: Beautiful

25.  Celestial: Heavenly

26.  Heavenly: Very pleasant

27.  Rapturous: full of, feeling, or manifesting ecstatic joy or delight.

28.  Splendid: Gorgeous, magnificent, Sumptuous

29.  Delectable: Delightful, Highly pleasing, enjoyable, Delicious

30.  Inviting: Attractive, alluring, or tempting

31.  Luscious: Highly pleasing to the taste and smell

32.  Palatable: Acceptable or agreeable to the palate  or taste; savory:palatable food.

33.  Savory: Pleasing to taste and smell

34.  Succulent: Juicy, rich desirable quality

35.  Scrumptious: very pleasing, especially to the senses; delectable; splendid

36.  Glimpse: A brief look

37.  Delightful: Giving great pleasure

38.  Alluring: Attractive

39.  Crave: Desirable

40.  Covet: Desire strongly to desire wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard forthe rights of others

41.  Refine: To bring to a pure state

42.  Ravishing: To fill with strong emotion especially joy

43.  Effulgent: Shining forth brilliantly, radiant

44.  Entrance: To fill with delight and wonders to hypnotize

45.  Mesmerize: to captivate

46.  Bizarre: Strange, Wild

47.  Exotic: Not native or unusual

48.   Fascinate: To attract and keep on hold by charm

49.  Riveting:  Fascinated; enthralling

50.  Overwhelm: To overcome completely in mind and feeling

51.  Pique: To excite

52.  Stimulate: Excite, provoke

53.  Titillate: To excite or arouse agreeable; to tickle

54.  Unmitigated: Not mitigated; not soften or lessen; unqualified

55.  Inimitable: unable to be imitated, Surpassing imitation

56.  Peculiar: Strange

57.  Flourish:  To be successful; prosper

58.  Sweet: Candy coated, like honey

59.  Savory: Pleasing in flavor

60.  Voluptuous: Derived from gratification of the senses;  to indulge in luxury

61.  Fundamental: Basic, important

62.  Tranquil: free from commotion

63.  Delectable: Delightful, highly pleasing

64.  Piquant: Agreeably pungent or sharp in taste or flavor, Pleasantly biting or tart

65.  Succulent:  Juicy

66.  Decent: Respectable, appropriate, worthy

67.  Mellow: Soft and rich, as sound, taste, tone, color, or light

68.  Tart: Sharp to the taste; sour  or acid

69.  Lush: of vegetation, plants, grasses, etc.) luxuriant; succulent; tender and juicy.

70.  Exquisite: Extraordinarily fine or admirable. 


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